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You No Longer Need A Permit To Carry In Florida, Here's Why It's A Good Thing

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Brandon Mall shooting could have been avoided

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"This is NOT an accident, this is Negligence" - Ryan G. Thomas

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Constitutional Carry in Florida

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Bill that would allow concealed carry weapons without a permit training heads to Gov DeSantis

Supporter And Critics of New Permitless Carry Law in Florida Agree Training Is Still Key...

Tampa Bay Channel 10 Interview with Warrior Cloud Co-Founder Ryan G. Thomas

Ryan G. Thomas disagrees with Powell-Cope’s assessment. Tuesday, he celebrated the new law.

“I think it’s great,” he said. “I don’t think we should ever have to ask the United States government for permission to exercise our Constitutional rights, so I think it’s awesome.”

However, the Second Amendment advocate whose company — Warrior Cloud — has helped train thousands of gun owners across ...


Governor DeSantis says “Constitutional Carry” law is coming to Florida


Experts say gun safety and training necessary even with new permitless carry law

Gun instructor fears permitless carry will leave gun owners unprepared

Tampa Bay Channel 10 Interview with Warrior Cloud Co-Founder Ryan G. Thomas

Certified conceal carry instructor Ryan Thomas said he is not an outright opponent.

"People have to understand this is a very serious topic that has very serious consequences," Thomas said.

Thomas has educated tens of thousands of gun owners across Hillsborough County. He's not worried about what this new law will do to his business as an instructor because he started a business called 'Warrior Cloud', which is software that helps instructors across the country. What he is worried about is that those lacking proper gun training and education could hurt themselves or others.

ABC action news Interview  Ryan G. Thomas owner warrior cloud tampa carry

ABC Action News Interview with Florida Firearm Instructor Ryan G. Thomas

We showed the video to Ryan G.Thomas, owner of Tampa Carry.

He is a gun rights advocate, a concealed carry instructor and a public speaker who has worked with Dunn in the past.

"In my opinion, it is not a situation that a gun should have been pulled, shown to the customer or discharged.”

NRA TV With Dana Loesch

Channel 10 news Interview with florida firearm instructor Ryan G. Thomas owner warrior cloud tampa carry
Ryan Thomas Oner Tampa Carry Channel 10 news Interview

WTSP Channel 10 Tampa Bay News Interview with Florida Firearms Instructor Ryan G. Thomas

“I know they said they believe it will save lives but how and what studies show by adding an addition 2 days will save even one life?” said Ryan G. Thomas, owner of Tampa Carry that teaches people safe gun use.

Thomas says studies show “cool-down” periods don’t work and if someone wants to get a gun, they will find a way.

"I just think it’s frustrating, people that obtain a Florida conceal weapons permit are able to bypass the waiting period anyway. So again they can buy a gun and walk out the exact same day," Thomas said

Channel 10 News Interview - Tiffany Thomas

Tampa mom Tiffany Thomas says her husband Ryan G. Thomas will be a guest speaker at one of those rallies, but his message will be a bit different – It’s not guns, but people.

“I went running before church one Sunday morning. As I was rounding a curve I saw a man hiding behind the bushes. As I ran past him, this feeling came over me and I knew. I looked back and could see he was right behind me. I have never run so fast in my life. I was shaking. I kept running and never looked back again,” she said. “Ever since then I have carried a firearm.”

Thomas’s experience is very similar to those who take the concealed carry classes her husband teaches at Tampa Carry.

Lakeland Ledger Interview with Florida Firearm Instructor Ryan G. Thomas
Lakeland Ledger Interview with Florida Firearm Instructor Ryan G. Thomas (Children: Paisley & Lincoln Thomas)

Ryan G. Thomas, who owns Tampa Carry, which offers concealed-weapons classes, said he has given Firearm Training lessons to people who had been against guns until they were attacked or raped or had their home robbed.

“They realized how vital this tool was to their safety,” Thomas said, adding that he “applauds the Parkland kids to think and act for themselves.”

But he said they are zeroing in on the wrong target — they should be protesting against the FBI and local law enforcement, which failed to act on tips that the Parkland shooter was a threat. Read Full Article Here >>

Second Amendment Channel 10 News Tampa Carry
WTSP Channel 10 News Interview with Florida Firearm Instructor Ryan G. Thomas

Tampa Carry owner Ryan G. Thomas says the opinion written by Stevens has no power.

“If guns are illegal we’re just going to have more Boston Bombings. If guns are illegal more people are going to get stabbed. Crazy people want to do crazy things and they’re going to figure out whatever device or weapon they can to make that happen,” he said.

Mark McGee, taking Thomas’s concealed carry permit class, agrees, “That’s just not going to happen. There are too many people with guns who are going to fight that.”

Tampa Carry Youtube Channel Ryan Thomas Tiffany Thomas standing together
Tennesean news magazine article Ryan thomas interview warrior cloud

Tennesean News Paper Interview with Florida Firearm Instructor Ryan G. Thomas

Eventually Richardson showed videos of him safely firing his guns to Ryan G. Thomas, a Tampa gun instructor, who agreed to certify him. “I believe the Second Amendment is a right granted to us by God, and it is not up to me to determine who is allowed to have a firearm for self-defense and who isn’t,” Thomas told me in an interview.

“So as long as Robert can be safe with a gun then of course I would train him.”

ABC Action News Interview with Florida Firearm Instructor Ryan G. Thomas

ABC Action News Interview with Florida Firearm Instructor and Co-Founder of Warrior Cloud Ryan G. Thomas

Ryan Thomas, the owner of Tampa Carry, says business has been "non-stop" ever since the Parkland shooting.

Thomas typically teaches five concealed carry classes per week. He says high demand has pushed his company to expand to nine classes last week.

"Anytime there's an active shooter or an extreme amount of violence that happens, we always notice a massive spike in new bookings," said Thomas.